Monday, 8 February 2010

Sea Fishing

So you're going to give sea angling ago or you are an angler with years of experience. Sea fishing is all about enjoyment. Sea fishing is by no means easy however there are a few ways to improve your chances and catch more fish.

Quality of my sea fishing tackle! Making sure you have the right tools for the job is important you wouldn't want that fish to get away because of a hook or sinker choice.

Selecting the right tackle gear! Everyone has a personal preference when it comes to sea rods through to sea rigs; the important thing is find something that suits you . Set yourself a target and try and stick to it, as you gain experience you can then progress onto more advanced tactics.

Sea Rigs made easy. Just because you cant tie a rig doesn't mean you're a bad sea angler! There are lots of Ready made Rigs available

Lure Fishing from the shore. Latex and other imitation sea fishing lures attract a large variety of species such as Bass, trout, and Mackerel all lures have different methods on how they should be fished, some are a copy of a real bait fish and some just spoons or rubber strips. I recommend the following lures, Bass Bandit, Sidewinder, Skaliwags Mackerel Stripe and the famous Dexter Wedge squidgies and halcos also tassie devils an old fave.. Catching a Big Bass off a lure on the shoreline is very rewarding which is why so many sea anglers become totally addicted.

Safety whilst fishing. Remember your sea fishing tackle can be replaced but your life cannot, beware of tides and dangerous rock marks! Always plan, best advice is to purchase a Floatation suit from a reputable source.

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